Russ with the Bus

Maintenance Log

2023-07-0477925.7New engine from Midwest Aircooled
New clutch (LuK)
New fuel filter
New fuel sending unit
New fuel lines
New engine seal
New aux battery (Duralast 24DC-DL)
2022-05-2277052.6New master cylinder and brake booster.
New wheel cylinder and shoes on rear drivers side.
Rotated tires.
2022-01-2475134.1Changed oil (Castrol GTX 20W50)
Changed oil filter (Mann W92017)
Replaced spark plugs (NGK BR5ES)
Replaced air filter
2021-06-1170935.8Changed oil (Castrol GTX 20W50)
Changed oil filter (Mann W92017)
2021-06-0270804.3Front end alignment
2021-05-2270433.5New tires (Hankook RA18)
New axles (O'Reilly)
2021-04-1469736.2Replaced condenser after the old one rubbed against the engine tin and grounded itself out. Lubed distributor shaft and rubbing block.
2021-03-0169040.6Replaced ball joints/upper and lower control arms. Upgraded to 7/8" front sway bar
2021-02-2669040.6Replaced headlight bulbs. Hella H4 9003 High Performance 2.0
2021-02-0768750.7New muffler (ceramic coated Pacesetter)
New muffler gaskets and bolts
2021-01-2468229.7New distributor/points (Bosch)
Swapped TSII sensor for old one
2020-06-1268229.7Changed oil (Castrol GTX 20W50)
Changed oil filter (Mahle OC28)
2020-06-1168229.7Changed spark plug wires, distributor rotor, distributor cap, TSII.
Replaced vacuum tee fitting.
2020-06-0768172.8Replaced front rotors (TRW from Bus Depot)
Replaced front brake pads (Duralast D45 from Auto Zone)
Replaced wheel bearings (Bus Depot kit)
Replaced front shocks (Boge from Rock Auto)
2020-06-0168124.1Replaced alternator belt
2020-05-3168113.6Replaced tie rods (right and left)
Replaced steering damper
Replaced drag link
2019-10-1065923.5Changed oil, oil filter
2019-08-1264627.2Replaced sink faucet
2019-05-2762842.3Changed oil (Castrol GTX 20w50), oil filter (Mahle OC28), air filter (VW 021129620)
2019-05-2762836.6Replaced leaky fuel filter (Bosch 0450901005932).
Replaced broken antenna.
2019-05-1962747.4Replaced cylinder heads (rebuilt AMC from Bus Depot)
Replaced fuel injector seals, intake runner seals, throttle body seals, exhaust seals, push rod tube seals, new spark plugs (Bosch WR8CC), valve cover gaskets
2019-01-3162194.0Replaced fuel pump (genuine Bosch), fuel filter, and fuel pressure regulator
Adjusted clutch cable
2018-09-2159879.0Changed oil (Castrol GTX 20W-50), oil filter (Mann)
2018-05-2256518.4Replaced sliding door bushing and greased hinge/tracks/rollers
2018-05-2056305.8Replaced sink pump
2018-05-1356135.6Replaced CV axle bolts and repacked axles with grease
New brake pads, shoes, and wheel cylinders
Rotated tires
2018-04-1555631.0Changed oil. Mann filter and Castrol GTX 20W50
2018-01-1953437.9New speakers. 4 x JVC CS-J620
2018-01-1553356.9Changed starter motor. Duralast 16546
2017-12-2353040.6Replaced wiper blades. Bosch Icon 16"
2017-12-0752360.9Installed new coil. Pertronix 40511 3.0 ohm
2017-12-0752324.4Changed oil after initial break-in period. Castrol GTX 20w50
Changed front and rear shift bushings
2017-12-0152204.9Installed LED backup lights. superbrightleds 1156-CW18-T
2017-11-2852029.7New distributor Pertronix SVDA with electronic ignition module
2017-11-16Installed LED bulbs on rear side markers. superbrighleds BA9S-RHP5
Installed LED license plate bulb. superbrightleds 67-CW12-G
Installed LED dash lights. superbrightleds 74-CWHP3
2017-11-1151890.3New engine installed.
Fuel filter: BD 133133511
Air filter: Mahle BD 021129620
Spark plugs: NGK B5ES BD
Oil filter: Mahle BD 021115351A
Replaced fuel lines
Castrol GTX 20w50
Sachs clutch disc
Continental alternator belt
New oil cooler and oil cooler seals
New engine seal
New front and rear main seals
2017-11-04Replaced foam in upstairs mattress
2017-10-26Installed 3rd brake light from Go Westy
2017-10-21Installed LED dome light in front. Sylvania ZEVO DE3423
Installed new fuse blocks for aux battery
Installed USB ports
Installed radio switch from GoWesty
2017-10-01Restitched wheelskin on steering wheel
Replaced shift knob
Reinstalled dash mat
2017-09-27Installed aux battery. Duralast 27DP-DL
Installed dual battery relay from Bus Depot.
Installed interior LED light strips
Replaced radio. JVC KD-X50BT
2017-09-25Cleaned poptop ceiling
2017-05-0251163.7Changed oil (Castrol GTX 20W50), Mann filter, Bosch Group 41 battery
2014-05-0734758.6Replaced accelerator cable
2014-04-2634598.8New tires. Hankook RA08 185R14
2014-01-1132906.0Replaced fuel filter
2014-01-0532906.0Changed oil (Castrol GTX 20W50, Mahle OC28)
Changed air filter (STP SA295 tall pleat)
2013-12-0131937.0Replaced spark plugs (NGK B6ES)
2013-03-1928511.0Changed fuel filter (FRAM)
2013-03-1628511.0Changed oil (Valvoline VR1 20W50), oil filter (Mahle)
2013-03-1528476.0Changed air filter (FRAM short pleat)
2012-05-2626147.9Replaced steering drag link
2012-05-0125497.8Front end alignment
2012-04-28Changed oil, oil filter (Mahle)
2012-01-13New battery (AutoZone Duralast DL-41)
2011-09-1424429.4Replaced alternator belt
2011-09-0624267.0Replaced exhaust manifold gaskets
Replaced pushrod tube seals
Replaced oil pressure sender
2010-08-3022399.5New muffler (ceramic coated Pacesetter)
2009-10-1720722.0Powder coated wheels
2009-09-0719903.0Replaced fuel filter
Installed new injectors (rebuilt by Cruzin Performance)
Changed air filter (Mahle)
Changed oil (Valvoline VR1 20W50)
Changed oil filter (Mahle)
Installed new spark plugs (NGK B6ES)
2009-08-0119480.0Replaced rubber fuel filler neck
2009-05-0518431.0New double relay
2009-02-2717514.9New glove box (ABS plastic)
2009-02-1617355.3Installed 3 point retractable seat belts in front
2009-02-0317180.1New ABS front kick panels
2009-01-1917067.9Installed Bosch H4 headlights
2008-08-1915167.6New alternator
2008-02-0813924.9Installed wheelskin on steering wheel
2007-10-13New leather tie straps for curtains and new shift knob
2007-10-0712281.5New wiper blades. Duralast DL-15
2007-10-03New sealed beam headlights
2003-12-03New tires. 185R14 Yokohama Y356
2002-05-2084220.0New cylinder heads
New piston/cylinder set
New motor mounts
New gasket set
New engine compartment seal
2001-09-28Front end alignment
2001-09-2174941.0New tires. P195/75R14 Uniroyal
2001-07-2271502.8Replaced front brake pads
Oil change
2001-06-17New alternator
Body work
Gel coat top
2001-04-20Installed stainless steel door visors
2001-04-05New hubcaps
2000-09-23Initial Sale